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If you are looking for an evenly historical and modern destination to film in, call off the search. From the shores of the Mediterranean to the buoyant waters of the Dead Sea, our country has so much to offer. Filming in Israel encompasses stunning coastline, dramatic desert landscapes, contemporary architecture, and more.filming in israel

To make the most of its potential, rely on our local support. From film permit guidance to specialized crew or gear rental, we have your back. Israel Fixer is the ally you need to have things running smoothly on set. We strive to provide foreign filmmakers with all the filming resources they need. Count on our location scout to take you to the most scenic spots across the country. We can guide you through formalities, so you can shoot uninterrupted. 

The country is rather small, so accessing various locations is quite at hand. From Tel Aviv, the main production center, you are four hours away driving from the Red Sea. The Dead Sea or the Negev Desert are even closer, easy to reach within a 2-hour drive. Expand your camera’s horizons and trust us to accommodate all your filming needs.

If you aim to get accurate information on controversial topics, we are at your service. We also have experience acting as a journalist fixer for news reporters or agencies. 

Capture unique footage across land and sea, for any type of production. And rely on the crew at Israel Fixer to handle the time-consuming details. Let’s talk more about filming!

Benefits Of Working With A Fixer In Israel

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Filming in Israel is a unique experience and you deserve to have full support to enjoy it more. In a country of contrasts and baffling charm, having the right crew makes a difference. Focus your energy and creativity on getting the footage you want. And allow us, a professional film fixer in Israel, to handle the time-consuming tasks. From the heart of the desert to the sea-washed beaches, our production assistance is all you can ask for. Work closely with a dedicated team, always willing to go the extra mile.

For the latest gear or experienced crew members, like a cameraman or sound operator, call us. We know where to find them. We are part of a global media production network and therefore understand international standards.

Israel Fixer ensures access to a large local pool of video production professionals. Think of us as the ultimate, one-stop-shop for filmmakers. We deliver top services and strive to offer the most convenient rates. Get the support you deserve without robbing a bank. As a reliable film fixer in Israel, we try to keep stress and unwanted expenses at bay from you. 

We know the value of consistent production assistance for foreign filmmakers. Filming in Israel or any other location abroad can be challenging from many angles. That is why we concentrate our efforts on making sure everything is ready for you to start rolling. Capture the unique beauty of this country on film. And trust Israel Fixer to handle the formalities. Contact us for details!


Filming In Israel With Us

Filming in Israel might often come to mind associated with religious productions. But this country boasts the potential to accommodate a wide array of film projects. Documentary, action, commercial videos can all find an appropriate backdrop here.filming in israel

To have access to top locations and full support, drop us a message. Israel Fixer provides extensive support for foreign filmmakers, at the most convenient rates. As fast as you can say “action”, we get you set to start rolling. Our production assistance covers everything you can think of, including film permit guidance. Fully centered on you, our services extend to visa support, translation, or gear rental.

Save time and resources while shooting in the most scenic sets, with the help of our location manager. From rugged desert sets to modern urban decors, you can have it all while filming in Israel.

And such magnificent scenery deserves a proper representation on the big screen. Get top-of-the-line equipment to ensure your footage has the quality you want. Israel is an Arri-based country, so if you plan to bring your gear, let us help. Our nation-wide network of partners can provide HD cameras, grip, lighting tools. We can also import specialized gear from Europe if needed.

Trusting our extensive support is an investment in the quality of your production. And for those on a tight budget, we can adjust. Our services are always tailored accordingly. Stay on track with your shooting schedule and rely on our crew for the tedious tasks. Drop us a message today!

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