Film Permits & Locations

Biblical sites, Roman ruins, or contemporary architecture make Israel filming locations a must-see. Or better said, a must-film for passionate videographers. Add to the list 273 km of coastline, along three seas. Not to mention, you get access to four diverse desert landscapes. To identify the most suitable backdrops, our location scout manager is at your service. For documentaries or action movies, we are confident you will find what you need here. Let us guide you through the formalities associated with film permits. Get your footage in the most telegenic spots on the map. And count on Israel Fixer for assistance!

Israel Filming Locations – Tel Aviv

The main production center and one of the most popular of Israel filming locations is Tel Aviv. The capital city offers a diversity of potential settings. For footage capturing the city’s real vibe, the Grand Synagogue or Carmel Market are great. From modern structures rising on its skyline to the ancient city of Jaffa, you get options galore.

You may recognize the southern ancient backdrops from “Rambo III” (1988). For a more laid back vibe, the south beaches brimmed with palm trees can match your vision better. Filming in Tel Aviv or Jaffa does not have to drain your budget or nerves. Get the support you deserve and get full access to local filming resources. Count on Israel Fixer for extensive production assistance at convenient rates. You do not have to break the bank to enjoy filming in Tel Aviv. For a customized offer, drop us a message today!

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Filming in Jerusalem

Schindler’s List” (1993) or “A Tale Of Love And Darkness” (2015) brought to the big screen unique stories. Filming in Jerusalem can be the missing element from your production’s success story. This is one of the Israel filming locations with large historical and religious value. The Al-Aqsa Mosque, together with the Dome of the Rock are some of the most significant sites for Muslims. Add the Church of the Holy Sepulchre or the Mount of Olives for the Christians. 

Jewish religious sites in the city include the Wailing Wall or the Tower of David to name a few. To stay clear of time-wasting tasks while filming in Jerusalem, count on a local fixer like us to help. Stay on track with your shooting schedule, applying ahead of time for film permits in Israel. We can also guide you in registering for the local tax incentives available. Contact us for more details!

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Israel Filming Locations – Nazareth

The main pilgrimage center for Christians, Nazareth is also rich in biblical-looking backdrops. Film permits are easily obtained for this region. From the city, you get easy access to the Sea of Galilee (30 min drive) and even the Mediterranean Sea (45 min drive). If you need specialized gear on set, we can bring it from Tel Aviv, which is less than 2 hours away. 

A place of interest among the Israel filming locations is the Nazareth Village. The team and landscapes available here make reenactments of biblical stories highly accessible. From landscape to animals, costumes, or stone houses, everything here looks biblical.

For any foreign filmmaker or production company, our production assistance is pure gold. We can assist with a wide range of services, so things run smoothly on set. With our location scout manager, you get to explore scenic spots all across the country. Contact us for a customized offer!

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Filming in Haifa

If you picture Israel filming locations only in the heart of the desert, Haifa will surprise you. A major port by the Mediterranean, this telegenic city is home to the Bahá’í Gardens. These consist of a staircase of nineteen terraces going all the way up to the top of Mount Carmel. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city of Haifa is a must-see. The terraces make a pretty telegenic backdrop, but feel free to explore the city as well.

And to help you stay on schedule with filming, work with an experienced film fixer in Israel. Get the production support you deserve, so you spend more time behind the camera. Our team can handle all the formalities so you get the film permits on time to start rolling. For the most eye-catching angles, rely on our knowledgeable location scout manager. Israel Fixer has the answer to all your filming needs.

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